The simplest option is to acquire a water trough and connect to the metered mains water. When mains water is not available a water bowser, bought or hired, can take water to the stock. In some areas, bowsers may be available free of charge under special circumstances.

Troughs and pipes
Water Bowsers
Water Installations

Troughs and water pipes

Water Bowsers

  • REGAL TANKS..New & Used Tanks & Silos..Sales & Rental
    Tel: 00 44 (0)1502 710100
    Fax: 00 44 (0)1502 710103
    Email: info@regaltanks.co.uk
    Web: www.regaltanks.co.uk (on-line fully searchable database)
    Web (hire): www.tanksandsilos.com
  • Agri-Trac - ATV bike towed bowser and pump
    website: http://www.agri-trac.co.uk
  • Southern Plant - 01491 576063
    website: http://www.southernplant.co.uk
  • Trailer Engineering (Hire or buy)
    website: http://www.trailerengineering.co.uk/water.php

Water Supply

  • Field Water Installations:
    Water supply and trenching specialists
    Alan D. Horton 01580 891728: Mob: 07768 626131